Mahalia Presents... Ojerime + Madi Saskia

@ Moth Club

Mahalia Presents... made its return, now with a Moth Club residency. The innovative advocate for women and singer/songwriter Mahalia is constantly raising the bar with the different ways she continues to empower women. Having started Mahalia Presents at a young age with her parents in Leicester, she breathes new life into her old showcase by kicking it off with introducing East London to Madi Saskia and Ojerime. Janelle Wynter provides the audience with all the tunes for the inbetween and after. Mahalia aims to build a community through these shows and hopes for them to become a regular thing.

Madi SaskiaMadi Saskia


Captivating the audience with her deep, soulful vocals, Madi Saskia truly demonstrated what it means to be vulnerable in front of audience. She took us through the motions, from opening her heart up to showing her more seductive side, she is the breath of fresh air that modern UK soul needs. The emotions seem to take over her whole body as she belts her lyrics, raw and real. She covered Alex Isley's Good N Plenty after discussing what she's had to endure as part of her journey in the industry to remind everyone in the room that they're enough and that they're "put on this earth for a reason." She finishes with a "diary entry turned song" by the name of Speechless. Her voice is definitely bound to leave you exactly that, speechless.



Ojerime is rising to the heights of UK R&B faster than ever. South London’s very own with beats that explore a darker side of R&B & a voice heavy on the nostalgia, this is one of her best performances yet. Under dancing lights, her vocals enthral the audience as they sing the words along with her. And while she doesn't speak too much between songs, she still manages to charm the audience with her stage presence. As she switches between tempos and flows, there is never a moment where the mood dips, the energy in the room seductive as ever. From songs such as Empty and Jetpack to Often Enough and the popular Give It Up 2 Me, Ojerime exceeded expectations and is likely to put on a stellar headline show in the near future.



A stripped down, acoustic performance from Mahalia ended the night. Mahalia's candid nature between songs is one of the best things about seeing her live. She performs four songs, two old favourites, Sober and I Wish I Missed My Ex and her two latest singles Letter To Ur Ex and Whatever Simon Says. For every song after her opener, Sober, she tells a story. The amalgamation of her soft vocals, well-penned lyrics, humour and expressive stage presence provide the audience with a one of a kind performance only to be seen that night at Moth Club. UK R&B's finest, Mahalia is constantly empowering women through music and projects such as these.

After the success of the first show, Mahalia Presents... is destined to be the rebirth of something special. When the show was done, Mahalia danced the night away with her friends, family and even us in the crowd. She really understands what it means to create a community, a family. The next one appears to be taking place in June, so keep your eyes peeled and grab a ticket while you can!